Locations drop list

Locations drop list
LosttowerDeath King's Bone
Hell Maine's Leather
Death Beam Knight Soul
Dark Phoenix Flame
IcarusLoch's Feather
Crest of Monarchy
Kalima 7Jewel of Guardian
Kanturu 1, 2, RemainsGemstone
Loch's Feather
Crest of Monarch
Items 380 lvl


Splinter of Armor
Bless of Guardian
Claw of Beast
Condor Flame
RaklionSocket 380
Socket 400
Land of TrailsAncient Items
Jewel of Guardian


Condor Flame
AcheronBlood Angel
Elixir Fragments
Ferea  Dark Angel
Nixies LakeHoly Angel
Deep DungeonGaruda's Flame
Swamp of DarknessAwakening
Kubera MineBlue Eye
Garuda's Flame
Abyssal AtlansGaruda's Flame
Scorched CanyonSilver Heart
Red Smoke IcarusManticore
Garuda's Flame
Arnil TempleManticore
Garuda's Flame
Grey AidaManticore
Excellent Socket Jewelry
Old KethotumBrilliant
Garuda's Flame
Blaze KethotumBrilliant
Garuda's Flame
Kanturu UndergroundBrilliant
Garuda's Flame
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