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HitMu Updates v21!

Dear players,

Sorry, unexpected maintenance!

Update V21 have been released!

To enter game update your game client with HitMu Launcher or download and extract this Patcher manually.

Fixed Issues with bound mixes of 2nd and 3rd wings
Fixed Resolved calculation of Combat Power that overpowered character when equipping second weapon
Fixed Game client crash when using Talisman of Chaos Assembly
Some small fixes

Kind Regards,
HitMu Administration.

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HitMu x5000 Season 18 Part 2-2 Opening 11 July!

HitMu Online Season 18 Part 2-2!
Server x5000 Grand Opening 11 July!
Registration opened, register HERE. Can use 1 email for 5 accounts!

W Coins Giveaway - Get 1500 W Coins!
1. Like & Follow our Facebook page.
2. Like & Share our Facebook post (should be "for public").
3. Tag 3 Friends in comments.
When all steps completed, send your account in game to receive 1500 W Coins.

Opening time:
13:00 UTC -3 (Brazil, Argentina)
16:00 UTC +1 (UK)
17:00 UTC +2 (Spain, Poland, Hungary, Italy)
18:00 UTC +3 (East Europe, Greece, Turkey)
23:00 UTC +7 (Vietnam, Thailand)
00:00 UTC +8 (Philippines)
Or check countdown in website header!

Server location: Europe! Lowest latency, best anti-ddos for players from all over the world!

Welcome to HitMu Online x5000 Season 18 Part 2-2! This server is medium rate based on moderate leveling and a lot of PvP events and strategies. In-game you will receive excellent, ancient and socket items, sets, rightly grinding jewels, ruud, zen. To earn top items you will need a lot of resets, to conquer boss monsters. For the certain resets you will earn W Coins, Goblin Points and Ruud! Events are every 1-2 hour, a lot of spot in each maps which you can find with TAB, clear game economy and more. Join us and make fun!

About Season 18 Part 2-2 features: 
- Character Renewal, introducing Combat power to Knight, Magic Gladiator, Rage Fighter and Slayer classes
- New Guardian: Ur and Ur (Rare)
- 6th mastery Earrings: Binding
- New Bloody Tarkan map and Bloody Tarkan monsters
- New grade of Muuns: Tempest
- Daily SeasonPass missions and rewards: MU, Gold, Premium Pass, Vouchers and Tickets
- New Mastery Horn Mixes
- Renewed Wings Chaos Mix interface
- Wing Voucher Exchange system
- Renewed Wings Combinations

Server info:
Version: Season 18 Part 2-2
Experience: x5000 (Regular, Master, Majestic)
Drop: 50%
Max. Level: 1550 (400 - Regular, 400 - Master, 750 - Majestic)

Maximum connections from IP/PC = 5.

All characters get starter Lucky Ticket Set, Mini Wings, starter Pentagram, Pet Panda & Ring Panda 3 Days.
Send in game commands: /startergift and /buffme.

Vote Reward:
Vote for server and receive W Coins every day!

Reset system:
To make reset you must reach 400 level. Reset is made in game: /reset.
Reset cost 1.000.000 Zen * Reset Count, Stats after Reset burns, points per reset - 500, maximum stats 32000.
Rewards for reset: 10 W Coins, 100 Goblin Points. 500 Ruud.

Grand Reset system:
From 250 Resets, on website, stats burns.
GR Reward: 5000 W Coins.

/reset - Reset character
/post - Send a message in global chat
/pkclear - Clear PK status by player, 10kk*kill count
/clearinv - Clear inventory from all items
/cleareventinv - Clear event inventory from all items
/requests - Allows to define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default
/dcfriend - Disconnect specified character knowing their character name and account password
/antilag - Command displays in a game help information for antilag system
/addstr - Add free LevelUpPoints to Strength
/addagi - Add free LevelUpPoints to Agility
/addvit    - Add free LevelUpPoints to Vitality
/addene - Add free LevelUpPoints to Energy
/addcmd    - Add free LevelUpPoints to Command (DL only)
/addstats - Add free LevelUpPoints to all positions equally
/decstr - Decrease stats from Strength
/decagi - Decrease stats from Agility
/decvit    - Decrease stats from Vitality
/decene - Decrease stats from Energy
/deccmd    - Decrease stats from Command (DL only)
/war - Allows to propose a War to opponent Guild
/endwar - Allows to force stop Guild War Battle, Game Master or Guild Master can use it
/battlesoccer - Allows to challenge opposite Guild for a battle Soccer match
/offlevel - Activates offline leveling system
/offtrade - Activate off-trade sale, requires setup of personal store first
/scramble - Command which used in Scramble Word Event
/regicewind - Command which used in Ice Wind Valley Event
/store - Opens Store (NPC) anywhere you want
/ware - Opens Warehouse (Vault) anywhere you want
/eventinfo - Main Events Information Table
/evo - Performs Character Quest Evolution

Chaos Machine Rates:
Items +10, +11 = 75% (+Luck 25%)
Items +12, +13 = 65% (+Luck 25%)
Items +14, +15 = 55% (+Luck 25%)
Wings 1lvl = 90%
Wings 2lvl = 90%
Wings 2.5lvl = 60%
Wings 3lvl = 50%
Wings 4lvl = 40%
Feather of Condor = 60%
Socket Weapon = 80%
Fragment of Horn = 90%
Broken Horn = 70%
Horn of Fenrir = 50%

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HitMu Updates v20!

Dear players,

Update V20 have been released!

To enter game update your game client with HitMu Launcher or download and extract this Patcher manually.

Introduced Achievements System, you can find it account panel
Added Mu Roomy X3 game mode
Disabled opportunity to PK your Guild members
Increased camera frustum to prevent issue where monsters could disappear beyond certain distance even still in render scene
Fixed Game client gets stuck when clicking server select button after reconnect was initiated and then going to server select list
Fixed Impossibility to enter 4th quest area after certain time of running server
Fixed a lot of Interface & Text bugs in game client
Some small fixes

Kind Regards,
HitMu Administration.

Read More 21/01/2023
Currently this is only one server.