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HitMu Season 18 x50 No Reset Server Opening 15 November!

HitMu Online Season 18 Part 1!
Server x50 (No Reset) Opening 15 November!
Registration opened, register HERE. Can use 1 email for 5 accounts!

Opening time:
UTC +2, 17.00 - Poland
UTC +8, 23.00 - Philippines
UTC -3, 12.00 - Argentina
Or check countdown in website header!

Server location: Europe! Lowest latency, best anti-ddos for players from all over the world!

Welcome to HitMu Online Season 18. Server provides long-term gameplay, exciting bosses drops, regular in-game events, balanced PvM and PvP settings. We use server core with latest Season 18 game version, with Illusion Knight character class with completely working 3rd Skill Tree and 4th Enhancement, New Spells, New Mastery Weapons from Bloodangel till Manticore, New Mastery Sets from Bloodangel till Brilliant, New 3rd and 4th Wings.

All new characters receive:
- Pentagram Box
- Small Wings
- 1st Lucky Ticket Set
- 3 Days Panda Pet & Ring
- 3 Days Scrolls

Server info:
Version: Season 18 Part 1
Normal Exp [1 - 400 Lv]: x50 ~ x10
Master Exp [401 - 800 Lv]: x10 ~ x5
Majestic Exp [801 - 1450 Lv]: x5
Drop: 50%
Max. Level: 1450 (400 - Regular, 400 - Master, 650 - Majestic)
Resets: Disabled
Maximum connections from IP/PC = 5
Off-Levelling: 12 hours, 24 hours (VIP)
PK Clear: 100kk Zen * Kills

Vote Reward:
Vote for server and receive W Coins every day!

/reset - Reset character
/post - Send a message in global chat
/pkclear - Clear PK status by player, 10kk*kill count
/clearinv - Clear inventory from all items
/cleareventinv - Clear event inventory from all items
/requests - Allows to define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default
/dcfriend - Disconnect specified character knowing their character name and account password
/antilag - Command displays in a game help information for antilag system
/addstr - Add free LevelUpPoints to Strength
/addagi - Add free LevelUpPoints to Agility
/addvit    - Add free LevelUpPoints to Vitality
/addene - Add free LevelUpPoints to Energy
/addcmd    - Add free LevelUpPoints to Command (DL only)
/addstats - Add free LevelUpPoints to all positions equally
/war - Allows to propose a War to opponent Guild
/endwar - Allows to force stop Guild War Battle, Game Master or Guild Master can use it
/battlesoccer - Allows to challenge opposite Guild for a battle Soccer match
/offlevel - Activates offline leveling system
/offtrade - Activate off-trade sale, requires setup of personal store first
/scramble - Command which used in Scramble Word Event
/regicewind - Register to Ice Wind Valley Event

Chaos Machine Rates:
Items +10, +11 = 100% (+Luck 25%)
Items +12, +13 = 90% (+Luck 25%)
Items +14, +15 = 80% (+Luck 25%)
Wings 1lvl = 90% (+Luck 20%)
Wings 2lvl = 90% (+Luck 20%)
Wings 2.5lvl = 80% (+Luck 20%)
Wings 3lvl = 70% (+Luck 10%)
Wings 4lvl = 60% (+Luck 5%)
Feather of Condor = 90%
Socket Weapon = 80%
Fragment of Horn = 100%
Broken Horn = 80%
Horn of Fenrir = 60%

Read More 13/11/2022

HitMu Updates v16!

Dear players,

Update V16 have been released!

To enter game update your game client with HitMu Launcher or download and extract this Patcher manually.

Fixed Illusion Temple play-time music
Fixed Illusion Temple event issues affecting the event-play time
Fixed Devil Square event boss monsters position
Fixed enforced drop of Excellent Socket Accessories with option +16 ignoring drop configuration for option
Fixed guardian item defense does not apply after re-login
Changed Shining Peak skill attack behavior to match original
Fixed Game client get stuck after trying to get into Blood Castle event when already reached daily entry limit
Blocked ability of using Jewel of Dark Soul on Pentagram and Errtel items
Fixed Specialized stats do not display/apply for Illusion Knight class
Added Support of mastery Fairly Shield for mixes with use of Mastery Chaos Talismans
Fixed Illusion Knight Avatar does not apply critical/excellent damage properly
Fixed Illusion Blade Mastery option does not work
Fixed Grand Magic Power Up skill tree skill does not work
Fixed Party issues during Illusion Temple Event
Added Support of character position change in character select screen
Fixed Selection of third-tree skills for Illusion Knight not working
Fixed Issue with moving across event map for Ice Wind Castle event
Fixed Client close when going from game to server select screen
Fixed Shining Peak distance configuration not being read

Kind Regards,
HitMu Administration.

Read More 09/11/2022

HitMu Updates v15!

Dear players,

Update V15 have been released!

To enter game update your game client with HitMu Launcher or download and extract this Patcher manually.

Improved game-play security
Fixed Issue where it was not possible to obtain items from Gremory Case
Fixed Issue where Illusion Knight Avatar blocked ability to hit other players by Illusion's owner
Fixed Issue where using Orb of Spiral Charge applied Crusher Charge skill and vice-versa

Kind Regards,
HitMu Administration.

Read More 28/10/2022
Currently this is only one server.