HitMu Updates v19!

Dear players,

Update V19 have been released!

To enter game update your game client with HitMu Launcher or download and extract this Patcher manually.

Reduced Deep Dungeon Gorgon's HP on x50 server
Added Three Vacancies, Guardian Enhanced Stone, Elite Guardian Enhanced Stone to drop in LOT
Increased Ruud gain from 500 to 1000 from all Elite Monsters
Fixed Exp bar color display according to character class
Fixed All players getting kicked from Boss Battle event when at least one player leaves the event before the start
Fixed Same harmony option is being granted to item occasionally
Added new game command /eventinfo
Fixed Boss Battle Together event timers did not work properly
Fixed Character could not respawn after death

Kind Regards,
HitMu Administration.

Posted 12/01/2023

Currently this is only one server.