HitMu Updates v23!

Dear players,

Update V23 have been released!

To enter game update your game client with HitMu Launcher or download and extract this Patcher manually.

Added In-game assistant Helper Plus
Increased Zen drop rate x2
Fixed God of Darkness boss zone coordinates were checked wrongly
Fixed Use Inventory Item system does not apply buff
Fixed Demon/Imp do not apply damage calculation properly under C window for character classes based on combat power
Fixed First wings coming as a result of wings mix have invalid durability
Fixed The /dcfriend command does not properly disconnect players being in offline mode
Fixed Certain attributes display improperly under C window for selected character classes
Fixed Harmony options grant may result in window stuck while granting options on certain items
Some small fixes

Kind Regards,
HitMu Administration.

Posted 04/08/2023

Currently this is only one server.