Server Rules

Terms of Service

The next is not allowed:

1. Exploiting bugs
Exploiting any bugs in the game or website to gain an advantage or put others in disadvantage.

2. Impersonating Staff.
Attempting to mislead people into thinking you are a GM or any member of the staff.

3. Hacking / Threatening to Hack / Unlawful Activities.
Take unauthorised access to restricted areas of the server. Take unauthorised access to another player's game account. Using this game as a means of conducting unlawful activities. This covers a wide variety of possible crimes including hacking, phishing, using keyloggers, scamming.

4. Selling/Buying Items, Zen, Credits or Accounts for Cash, Cell Phone load or any other means.
All data contained on this server is property of HitMu Online. You are not allowed to buy or sell from/to other players game items, Zen, Credits or accounts for real money. Any attempt to profit from being a player in HitMu Online will not be tolerated.

5. Selling/Buying Credits for Zen, Jewels or any other means that might lead to scamming.
You are not allowed to buy or sell Credits from/to other players for in-game items or Zen. This also includes any item from the Premium Shop that needs to be "Gifted". Doing so might lead to scamming and it will not be tolerated.

6. Abuse of game files.
Use of 3rd party programs to alter the game or altering any game files without permission; this would include any trainers, memory hackers, editing of textures etc. Using the game files for anything other than their intended use; this includes taking our client files for use on another server, trying to use client files other than the ones available from this website on this server.

7. Stores Abuse.
You are not allowed to leave your stores in the same coordinates (2 or more visible on the screen), leave them far apart. Do not leave stores with the same names, e.g. Store01, Store02, Store03, etc. Your stores should wear/equip decent items (+7 at least). You are not allowed to block ways, entrances or NPC's. Failing to follow this stores regulations will result in 3 days ban for the first offence and permanent ban on the second offense.

8. Using restricted software.
It is forbidden to use any macros or any kind of programs for automation processes, which gives you coins and any other personal gain. This also includes using bot-farms to make auto resets, grand resets, as well as bypass of pc/ip limit (which is max 5 windows per ip/pc).

Shop Rules:
1. All the sales are final.
We do not offer refunds nor exchange the Credits/items/boosters/memberships.

2. Transferring/Moving.
Transferring/moving purchased Credits/items/boosters/memberships to a different account is prohibited.

Privacy Policy

HitMu Administration is committed to ensuring your privacy and protecting the security of your personal information. This Policy covers the public HitMu website (the "Gaming Portal") and all online forms on the website used to collect personal information. Please note that this Statement applies only to HitMu website and its’ services. By using the website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Statement and that your use of the website, including, downloads of any of HitMu products and services. Current Statement may be changed by the Administration without any prior notice. The User is obligated to check the Statement at least once a week.

Collecting personal information
Our primary goal in collecting the information described below is to provide you, the User, with a customized experience on our website and to deliver better service, products, and more relevant content to our customers, prospective customers, and visitors. Personal information may be collected from you during the registration process, customer support and technical service requests, and ordering of products and other services from the website.

Third party disclosure and links
We do not intend to sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. Administration reserves rights to share with User personal information with third parties in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement or other public officials in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringements, or other activity, that is illegal or may expose User or Administration to legal liability. We do not include or offer third party products or services on our website.

Storage of personal information and security
We take reasonable precaution to protect the personal information we collect from users, as long as it is controlled by the Gaming Portal. Information about the User’s account can be accessed only through the password. In order to protect your personal information, User must keep his password confidential and not disclose it to any other person. User takes responsibility for any use of the Gaming Portal services by third parties, who have access to the User account. Please inform us immediately if you believe that your password has been compromised or used without your permission.

Personal information protection
To prevent unauthorized access, loss, or misuse, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information, Administration has implemented reasonable, technical, physical, administrative and organizational measures. Nevertheless, Administration cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to bypass these measures or use, disclose and modify your personal information for other purposes. Also note, that e-mail and messaging systems are not considered to be safe, consequently we do not recommend that you send your personal information through these services. In case if personal data have been compromised as a result of damage by the security services, Administration shall promptly notify about those, whose personal data has been compromised, in accordance with the notification procedures set out in current Privacy Statement, or otherwise provided by law. In order to ensure privacy and security, we take reasonable steps, such as the requirement of a unique password to verify your identity before allowing access to your account or services. User takes responsibility to keep his unique password and account information in secret. Game Portal Administration, under any circumstances, will not request information about your credit card or bank account, your account’s username and password or your passport details.

Deleting information
The user cannot modify or remove personal information by logging in to their account. Nevertheless, removing your personal information can lead to a complete account’s deactivation.

Links to third party websites
As for your convenience only, third party websites may contain links to our website, belonging to or operated by third parties. By making these links available, we are not endorsing third-party websites, their content, products, services or the owners of these third-party websites. Any personal information that User provides on third party sites or services, is used in accordance with the position of the particular third party. These sites and services support their own policies, regarding the collection and use of personal information, and use of technical information files (cookies). You decide whether go through the policy of these sites, or not.


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